What We Do

We are executive talent scouts with experience recruiting on every continent, serving companies at the intersection of Media, Consumer and Technology.  

Our clients are innovators, often disruptors, and they cannot compromise on talent.  Neither can we. 

We build curated talent pools comprised of the strongest candidates from the most innovative companies.  We do not recycle the usual suspects or present every candidate in the world.  Just the ones most that will have the biggest impact to your organization.  

For any company that competes to win, there is nothing more important than hiring “right”.  We seek out clients and candidates that will hold us to their own high standards and that meet ours.  In return, we are committed to delivering: 

  • Creative, yet targeted search strategy
  • Disciplined execution with clear and direct communication 
  • In-depth assessment and advisement
  • A singular focus on achieving the best results  
  • Analysis for measuring performance 
  • Transparency and integrity throughout the process 
  • A passion for getting it right 100% of the time.

We experience an intense excitement from helping companies grow, innovate and differentiate themselves by hiring the best talent possible.